Jean Dry Lake Bed, Jean, NV

Regional Launch
Friday 12pm -10pm (Tripoli Research Rules apply)
Saturday 8am - 10pm
Sunday 8am - 2pm

Everyone is invited to attend to see what High Power Rocketry is all about. However, due to Insurance Regulations, only Tripoli members and qualified NAR members are permitted to fly High Power. All flyers under 18 in attendance may fly Model Rockets (A through G motors). We have an FAA waiver in effect with clearance 7500 ft. msl =4700 ft. above the lake bed. All participants and visitors are asked to abide by Tripoli and BLM rules. A $10 per day, per person, is applicable to ALL flyers to help defray costs. 

A limited supply of motor reloads will be available to flyers with proof of proper certification level.

Research Launch
Friday 12pm - 10pm

All Tripoli flyers are welcome to fly certified or research motors up to you current Tripoli level. Research motors may only fly to 75% of range altitude limit. No children under 18 will be allowed at the pads when researsh is being flowen. You may see prototype rocket motors from big or small rocket motor manufacturers. You may also see research rockets, electronics, and recovery systems. Research groups from Nevada, Arizona, Utah and California may be in attendance. Many of these rockets are large with large powerful motors, ranging from J to P class motors.

These are strictly Research rocket launches, launched under the guidelines of Tripoli Research Safety Code. Rockets at research launches maybe be very large, powerful and thus potentially dangerous rockets. Non-members must be 100% aware of their surroundings at all times.

A Range Head will be set up as Operation Central and ALL launches must go through it. Each rocket is reviewed by the Range Safety Officer (RSO) and if warranted, the board of Tripoli Vegas may be polled to approve or disprove a given rocket. Their decision is final. Flyers may request the RSO or Board member to review the rocket during preparation for flight to answer any flight safety questions. Several pads will be available however it is advised that those planning to participate bring their own ground support equipment for specific applications.

ALL rockets must be cleared through the rangehead before taken to the pad area.

All Vendors are Welcome!

A $35  BLM fee is required, from all vendors and will be collected at the launch before they setup , for more info please contact the treasurer.

Thanks for your ongoing support.


To get to Jean Dry Lake simply head South out of Las Vegas on 
I-15 and exit off the 12 mile mark and head east on 161 (under Bridge) about 1/4 mile and then turn north on route 6 for about 3 miles , look for the BIG brown area to the East and/or Launch site Signs. ( three roads lead to the Dry lake bed, The Easiest is Route will be Marked.

Jean, Nevada

Jean Dry Lake close up


Coming from Las Vegas?

From Warm Springs + Las Vegas Blvd.

Follow Las Vegas Blvd south
15.4 miles turn left
Follow paved road
2.1 miles turn right
Follow dirt road
2.1 miles
At the Jean Dry Lake Bed entrance
0.75 miles heading (south-south-west)
to the middle of the bed.

Alternate Route to a better graded dirt road:

Follow Las Vegas Blvd south
17.9 miles turn left
Follow well graded dirt road to Dry Lake Bed

Jean, NV  (3 miles south of Launch site area)
Gold Strike                (702) 477-5000
Primm, NV (13 miles south of launch site area)
Whiskey Petes
Buffalo Bills
1-800-FUN-STOP ( 1-800-386-7867)

Las Vegas, NV (25 miles North of launch site area)
Too many to list, take your Pick:
Hotel links here

Lots of pads
 High powered, and Standard pads
All sizes of launch rod available and Rails too!

Or just bring your own, room we have!

Launch Site Info

Launch Fees: $10 per day.
Camping: is Permitted
(NO fires on the lakebed floor)
(Grills and Burn Barrels are "OK")
(Make sure to bring Wood to burn!)

Waiver: 7500 ft msl = 4700 ft above the lake bed.